New facilities for certification

  • Life Cycle Assessment of building products (LCA) and issue of the Ecological Products Declaration (EPD) according to requirements of the EN 15804 standard.
  • Since October, 2016 we offer services in your products certification for delivery to MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa).


Products certification in the European Union. CE marking of your products.

The essential requirements to the products which are made in the EU, and also delivered to the European Union from the third countries are their full safety and harmlessness when using for human beings, animals, property and environment.

The fundamental safety requirements for various types of products are addressed in the appropriate EU directives as well as in European and international standards.

Conformity assessment procedure (certification) for the products envisages the specified sequence of activities upon completion of that the manufacturer shall apply CE marking to the products and also on his own responsibility shall warrant and declare that his products are in full conformity with EU Directives and harmonized European Standards. Such manufacturer’s declaration is called Declaration of Conformity EC.

EC conformity declaration may be prepared by the manufacturer only after his performance the work package as below:

  • Kit of evidential documentation (Technical file) for the products is prepared
  • Conformity of products to EU Directives and standards is assessed by competent authority
  • Results of product tests confirm its conformity to European standards
  • At the company there was established and currently is in operation the quality control system ensuring large-scale manufacturing of the products in conformity with European standards      

Having performed the above listed work package and also having available the relevant documents and test protocols approved by EU notified bodies on certification, manufacturing enterprise or the exporting company is allowed to deliver and sell the products in the markets of the European Union’s countries without any restrictions.